What others are saying!

Andrew S., Kentucky

"Your wise words helped me put action plans to my words and thoughts and geave me insight into ideas I had'nt had exposure to. I am still finding many instances when our conversation about leadership style, persentation and vision casting impacts how I communicate with hunders of people at Ford's. You have been impactful, and because of the impact you have had, I was quiet honored to have your support." 

LaRose B., Michigan

  “Letitia, I want to thank you for your support over the past four years. Your coaching has been instrumental in helping me to move forward during a tumultuous transition in my life. Because of our time, I have learned a new skill that’s greatly increasing my value in the job market. In my marriage, we are now working toward a new and beautiful norm that before coaching, I couldn’t imagine. May God continue to bless you on your journey as you bless others with your gift of sowing into the heart and lives of all who cross your path.”

Haley L., Tennesse

  “ I was feeling very overwhelmed and discouraged, but Letitia was positive and spoke life into my situation. This gave me the strength to face my fears and tools to deal with problems at this time and as they arise in the future. She has been a wonderful help to me, like a friend who has just come alongside me and used a gentle approach to help me identify the things I struggle with and work to identify good solutions. It has been a big assistance in my life to have the time I've spent with her, and I know she will do great things in helping people in the future.”

Pam O., Michigan

 "You've been a fantastic coach holding me accountable and staying the course as I changed jobs. I am so thankful for that accountability and praying together was helpful as well. My results were fantastic" 

C. Y., Indiana


"You are impressive and gave an impressive presentation!

THANK YOU so much for today and all you are doing with campus safety.

You are appreciated and valued!"