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The Outcome of setting limitations

This is not a long story, may it inspire you in to action!

Human behavior can too often mimic that of a goldfish. You see a goldfish produces an enzyme that ONLY allows it grow to the size of its environment. The problem is, if you put a baby goldfish, with the potential to grow two feet, in a bowl that’s one foot in diameter it will not reach its full growth potential. 

However, if the same baby goldfish were put in a large pond, three feet in diameter it now has every opportunity to reach it’s full growth potential. 

Sometimes by default and sometimes as a learned behavior we unknowingly jumping in to ponds in many areas of our lives, cutting out any chance of reaching our full potential. 

As the Founder and President of Self Discovery Solutions, I implore you to seek larger ponds, especially in those areas where you feel stressed, stagnant or just plain unhappy with where you are today. 

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