Empowering Women and Girls for Success

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Women's Leadership Coaching

Our Personal Development & Leadership Coaching for women is designed to enhance your effectiveness in the workplace as well as your personal growth.  You will spend time with your coach discovering your strengths and learning strategies to apply them in an effective way to reach your personal, professional and leadership aspirations. 

The personal awareness you’ll gain in the self-discovery process will support you in developing your management style, discovering techniques, tools and new approaches to prepare for the next step in your career. 

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Women's Personal Development Training

As part of your growth process you can gain a comprehensive skill set to support your personal and professional development, right from the comfort of your home or office. Our trainings are designed for women to connect with a coach for a hands on, outcome-focused, interactive engagement. 

Through the trainings you will learn key advancement strategies designed for you to examine your choice – consequence connection, gain emotional maturity understanding, examine your relationship with procrastination, deep dive into social norms in the workplace, learn methods for effective communication, conflict resolution tactics, goal setting processes and much more. 

Discover a structured step-by-step approach that you can immediately implement in your day-to-day actions. CLICK HERE to see the full listing and  sign up for your development webinar to polish your skills right away! 

Girls Coaching & Training

Coaching & Choice Empowerment workshops are an expansive offering, designed to enhance teenage girls social-emotional skills, provide valued added learning about self and others, while promoting matured conduct in school, at home and in the community. 

Teen girls will learn strategies for prioritizing ideas and achieving goals, strengthening understanding and coping skills as they develop a personalized Choice Empowerment Blueprint outlining their next steps.

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4-Tot's PLUS

Inspiring children early will have a lifetime of benefits. It’s not too soon to enlighten your child age 5 –10, on the value of purpose, kindness and leadership. 

Our 4-Tot’s feature book, “Fruit in the Garden Clubhouse”, promotes Peace, Love, Understanding and Self-control (PLUS) through the eyes of an adorable angelic child who teaches a heartwarming lesson through friendship, love and acceptance. 

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Development Resources

Visit our personal development resources page and check out the awesome interactive tools we have made available for you. We do not own or manage the materials listed in the resource portal, but clients have found them extremely insightful in inspiring them into action. 

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Professional Women

Whether you’re a new supervisor, a senior manager, newly returning to the workplace or aspiring  to the next position, you will experience greater professional alignment and  performance from our Personal Development & Leadership Coaching service. 

You’ll be supported by your coach, while gaining valuable insights to hone your professional skills  to enhance your ….MORE  

Teens Girls

Teen webinars are specifically developed for girls between age 14 – 18, actively enrolled as a public, private or homeschool student. 

The girls teen learning portal is designed to inspire them as they gain a comprehensive skill set to support their personal development and transition into adulthood. The workshops focus on ….MORE 

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 4 – Tot’s PLUS promotes Peace, Love, Understanding and Self-control for children age 5 – 10 experiencing an uncertain health diagnosis. As these little ones rise to the challenge, we’ve been a part of their encouragement, inspiration and support, so help us to spread this good news. 

CLICK HERE to order your copy of “Fruit in the Garden Clubhouse” and other clubhouse products for an engaging story time activity.